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Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee

Impeccable guarantees

We understand that your home is likely to be one of your most valuable possessions. Whether you're constructing a new residence or refurbishing an existing one, you want to ensure that you have adequate protection in the event that issues arise after the project is completed. Sinclair Parsons Building Solutions are proud members of the Master Builders Association whose primary goal is to promote high standards of craftmanship and ethical business practices. They give us multiple opportunities for training and Sinclair and his team actively attend these education programs. They provide us with easy access to industry resources and up to date information on current building changes and new government legislation. Sinclair Parsons has been licensed through the QBCC for over 20 years. The QBCC provides protection for consumers and the public by regulating the building and construction industry in Queensland.

We offer:

  • 12 month maintenance guarantee
  • 6 year structural guarantee

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