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Sloping Sites

Sloping Sites

Sinclair Parsons Building Solutions also specialise in difficult sites other builders won’t tackle; sloping, small lot and odd shaped blocks.

Building on sloping sites can be challenging, but it can also create unique design opportunities and stunning homes. With careful planning and professional expertise, you can create a beautiful and functional home that takes full advantage of the unique features of your property.

Consequently, you can specify exactly what you want to suit your location, lifestyle, wish list and budget. In fact, whatever form your dream home takes – big or small, contemporary or traditional, unusual or eco-friendly – if it can be built, Sinclair Parsons Building Solutions can build it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of building on a sloping block?

Building on a sloping block has several advantages, including:

  1. Views: Sloping blocks often offer stunning views of the surrounding landscape. Building on a sloping block can allow you to take advantage of these views and create a home with a unique perspective.

  2. Privacy: A sloping block can provide more privacy than a flat block, as it may be more difficult for neighbors to overlook your property.

  3. Design flexibility: Building on a sloping block can allow for greater design flexibility, as it may be possible to create a multi-level home that takes advantage of the natural contours of the land.

  4. Natural light and ventilation: Sloping blocks can offer better natural light and ventilation than flat blocks, as they often have more exposure to sunlight and prevailing winds.

  5. Unique landscaping opportunities: Sloping blocks can offer unique opportunities for landscaping, such as terraced gardens, retaining walls, and other features that can enhance the aesthetics of the property.

  6. Energy efficiency: A sloping block can provide opportunities for energy-efficient design, such as passive solar heating and cooling, as well as natural ventilation and insulation.

What are some of the challenges of building on a sloping block?

Building on a sloping block can present several challenges, including:

  1. Increased construction costs: Building on a sloping block often requires additional site preparation and construction work, such as excavation, scaffolding, retaining walls and drainage systems. These can add to the overall cost of the build.

  2. Difficult site access: Sloping blocks can be difficult to access, particularly for heavy equipment and materials. This can increase the time and cost of construction.

  3. Site instability: Sloping blocks may be prone to soil erosion, landslides, and other stability issues that can affect the safety of the property. Additional measures may need to be taken to ensure the stability of the site.

  4. Limited usable space: Sloping blocks may have limited flat or usable space, which can make it difficult to design a functional and practical home. Careful planning and creative design solutions may be needed to make the most of the available space.

  5. Building code and zoning requirements: Building on a sloping block may require compliance with additional building code and zoning requirements, such as height restrictions, setbacks, and slope limitations. These can affect the design and construction of the home.

  6. Drainage issues: Sloping blocks can have drainage issues, particularly if the slope directs water towards the property. Appropriate drainage systems may need to be installed to prevent water damage to the home.

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